The subtle glitch effect on his homepage directs the visitors’ attention to his name at the center. The sticky sidebar also makes it easy for users to navigate the site. Overall, it’s a great example of a clutter-free, one-page website for a web developer portfolio. Now that you know what to include in your portfolio, here are 25 examples of web developer portfolios to inspire you. However, Eric has animation effects in his portfolio’s design. The homepage features a distinctive fusion of massive, bold font on a solid purple background.

A portfolio is crucial for front-end web developers because it helps showcase a small part of their skills. Students or professionals looking to start building a profile can get inspiration from established developers. Here are ten portfolios that can help you get an idea of how to structure an effective display of skills and knowledge. A Front-End Developer portfolio serves to showcase your skills, past projects, and experience with front-end development. Potential clients and employers rely on this information when deciding whether or not you’re right for the job.

What is a front-end developer portfolio anyway?

You can go further and describe the steps you took to ensure your website followed the best developer practices. For example, share how you focused on improving the SEO and performance of your site. We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. I’m not a fan of circles instead of the cursor, but in my opinion in the fifth portfolio the cursor was well implemented. Well, as for your site, it can in any case be described as a portfolio, because it contains information about you. All the more reason I should have known that it had been made long ago.

front end developer portfolios

Decorated with an avatar on his homepage easily sends a friendly and easy-going first impression to the visitors. If you’re still stuck on how to start, browse online for some front end developer portfolio inspirations. You might come across a developer that specializes in the same thing as you do and see how they make their front end developer portfolio stand out. Exclude social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, unless those accounts are professionally tailored to support your portfolio, as they can come off as rather informal. Once you have made your mark on the internet with the presence of your front end developer portfolio, you need to maintain it to keep it relevant.


Zety is a career site fueled by the best career experts and a community of millions of readers yearly. We share knowledge, tips, and tools to help everyone find their dream job. Use our proven templates and expert-written content to create your resume in minutes. Start by making a list (like the one we have below) of general how to become a front end developer skills you have related to front end web development. Employment of web developers is projected to increase 15% from 2016 to 2026 in the United States, alone. Choose the best resume font as you write, make use of white space, and add bold headings to guide the IT recruiter through your various resume sections.

  • Sites go out of business and products are removed so getting these pictures promptly and often is important.
  • Our Jane Doe image is too big, so we need to reduce its width and height.
  • Asking for client testimonials to vouch for you and the quality of your work is also helpful in reassuring your portfolio viewers how you would be an asset to any team.
  • Today, the web is evolving into something that’s significantly less stodgy and corporate, and this portfolio caters to that perfectly.
  • I hope that this collection will help you and your inspiration to create your beautiful portfolio.

The unique design sets his portfolio apart from others in the industry. Brittany’s portfolio features a sleek, modern design with smooth scrolling and navigation. Detailed project case studies provide insights into her development process, while the integrated blog highlights her industry knowledge and thought leadership.

Polish your design

To do this, you need to have a keen eye for layout and colours. You’ll also need experienced-based knowledge such as knowing the best CSS display property to match a layout or being able to render an animation according to specification. However, a common problem you might have when building a portfolio is knowing what to include in it.

Trustworthiness is a vital aspect of your front end developer portfolio. If your client requests you to work with something that you aren’t proficient in and you end up doing a poor job at it, it will only damage your credibility. The Craftsmen’s has the most distinct layout of all web developer portfolios on the list. Adenekan is an experienced JavaScript engineer and UX designer with impressive front-end coding skills.

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