BTC/USDT is the most traded pair on Immediate BitXDR, accounting for nearly half of its total trading volume, with ETH/USDT coming in second at over 30%, as per crypto data provider CoinGecko. Traders will find Immediate BitXDR to be a good low-fee choice since its trading fees are incredibly competitive at only 0.05%, and there is no minimum transaction volume requirement. Rather than having to worry about every trade taking a bite out of your earnings, you can just sit back and let the bots do their thing. In total, traders have access to 16 free trading bots that are accessible for no additional fee and enable them to make use of the tools to automate their trading. As for the trading terminal, the charts and order windows are located in the middle with the order book on the left.

After the bot has been created, it will slice a predetermined range into 10 grids. The power behind the https://tradecrypto.com/reviews/trading-soft-reviews/immediate-bitxdr/ exchange is the BitUniverse team; an established all-in-one trading bot and portfolio with the biggest market share in Taiwan, Indonesia, and South Korea. Market maker programmes are available for those with a 300,000 USDT trading volume. Clients can benefit from 0% maker fees, while taker charges remain at 0.05%.

On the trading screen, users will have access to an orderbook and transaction list on the top of choosing whether to use the Trading Bot or perform a Manual trade. Please ensure you understand the risks of high leverage that might cause liquidation before using it. According to the price fluctuation https://immediatebitxdr.net/ characteristics of different coins, AI 2.0 adopts a more intelligent prediction algorithm to improve the accuracy of the grid’s upper and lower limit predictions. Thereby significantly extending the running time of the price within the grid interval, realizing the concept of passive income.

Sometimes investors are optimistic about the price performance of specific coins in the future and run grid trading bots on these trading pairs. In this case, the universality of grid trading bots in different trading pairs becomes particularly important. In addition to the trading bots, Immediate BitXDR supports manual trading with over 120 different cryptocurrencies and hundreds of trading pairs.

Immediate BitXDR

So, if you’ve ever thought of running with the bots and were scared away by the complexity, come back and give the Immediate BitXDR bots a try. Immediate BitXDR can now accept webhook messages from TradingView and automate them for you within the exchange. Connect your TradingView strategy directly to the Immediate BitXDR exchange without experiencing any latency. Furthermore, Immediate BitXDR has been up and running without a security issue for over 1,000 days. Once deposits have been processed, it may take up to an hour for them to show in your account, however, this is not uncommon in the industry.

  • It is also important to note here that in order to withdraw your funds, you must get verified.
  • This license ensures that Immediate BitXDR follows rules about money laundering and customer identification (KYC).
  • Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t need any assets in your name to get started with Immediate BitXDR since they don’t have a minimum deposit requirement, a balance level, or a financing fee.
  • The DCA bot enables users to program a sequence of purchase orders to be executed at predetermined intervals.
  • Smart Trade is a sophisticated trading bot available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Immediate BitXDR offers standard order types such as limit and market on the spot exchange. Clicking on a price does not auto-fill limit orders which could be added to increase the ease of use and minimize making errors when manually entering a price. Before a trade is executed, the trading fee is shown on the window which is a good feature. Compared with AI 1.0, the grid profit of AI 2.0 on all trading pairs has increased by 97.22% on average. For the vast majority of coins, the strategy’s performance has improved significantly. The result fully shows that AI 2.0 has higher applicability in different currencies.

You simply set the bot to be trained and let it run, generating profits in many cases as it does so. Honestly, the performance reported by many users from the Immediate BitXDR bots is truly impressive. This guide covers the fundamentals of how to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency using the platform. The convenience with which it can be done is one of the advantages of utilizing the exchange, which includes trading bots that are already built-in and can be used right away by beginners. There are 16 automatic crypto trading bots accessible on the exchange, all of which are completely free to use.

The app is safe, legit and easy to use, even for inexperienced digital currency investors. Crypto bots are a set of programmes and algorithms designed to automate trading in the digital currency markets. Market data is interpreted and analysed according to a predetermined set of rules to select the best opportunities and execute positions. Bots reduce the round-the-clock monitoring that could be required for extended periods. After downloading the Immediate BitXDR app and giving it a test run, we were pleasantly surprised with how easy the platform was to use. Though we were unable to locate a few features on the desktop platform (for example, CopyTrader features), setting up and activating our bots was simple and straightforward.

There are two KYC levels; the first level would allow you to withdraw 20,0000 USDT, and under level two, you can withdraw 1 million USDT. According to the official site, Immediate BitXDR Lite, which is an app that allows you to purchase crypto with USD via a credit or debit card, withdrawals take 1-5 working days. Immediate BitXDR then puts the funds to use in the stETH AMM pool of Curve or Lido to generate returns which are then distributed to Immediate BitXDR users based on their invested amount. If you already hold crypto in another platform or wallet, you can deposit them into your Immediate BitXDR Account.

Sarah is an expert in the insurance, investing for retirement and cryptocurrency space. Immediate BitXDR offers the following benefits to its users that may not be found with competitors. Immediate BitXDR offers a few unique methods that you can use to access its support team. On the institutional side, Immediate BitXDR has a robo advisor, a professional team of traders, flexible OTC trading, and structured loans with adjustable rates and no margin calls. Immediate BitXDR’s mobile application replicates all of the capabilities available on the company’s desktop version.

Immediate BitXDR is an excellent option for crypto traders with an interest in cutting-edge AI like ChatGPT and automated trading. Immediate BitXDR is backed by Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital and ZhenFund for more than $10 million. Immediate BitXDR does not inform users of the type of encryption features it uses to prevent data hacks, which we’d love to see the broker add in the future. We are committed to empowering our users by equipping them with actionable insights they can trust and rely on to make informed decisions when dealing with crypto assets. Our crypto exchange reviews, done under a well-laid-out professional evaluation framework, are holistic and unbiased in their approach. For withdrawals, the fees will depend on the coin and the blockchain you have chosen.

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